Most of the world was graced with a 金環日食 (Kinkan Nisshoku or Golden Ring Solar Eclipse) or Annular Eclipse yesterday and I got up an hour earlier and drove to my school in Soma to watch it with a herd of students. As I drove towards my goal, it got cloudier and cloudier and by the time it was Eclipse-time, it was completely overcast. About 50 disappointed kids were bemoaning their fate when through the clouds a crescent appeared. It was a joy to hear the squeals of joy! Over the course of the next 30 minutes, we had snippets of ecliptic action but we were never graced with a full-on ring. (See here for some great photos and video.) I took as many pictures as possible hoping for a few good ones and one of them was pinned up on the school's bulletin board and will be placed in the school newspaper! I've been published!! Here are the best of my pics starting off with the Google Doodle...
That last one was a picture taken of the telescope the Science Teacher was using. Later that day, I walked to the bank and lo & behold I found an egret or heron wading. I saw a dozen of them in a rice field on my way home today, best part of the commute!

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