Touring Toronto's Taps.

After a 5 week hiatus, I discovered that Blogger has changed its format and this is a test run to see if I can decipher it. With the use of my brother's car and/or the TTC, I had the opportunity to travel around TO. First up is the Bata Shoe Museum! Nice gams. Didn't venture inside past the gift shop, not that much of a fetishist.
Moving around the Annex, is good ol' Lee's Palace and a welcome beer at Paupers.
Discovered a new bar on Queen Street that seems to have taken up the slack that the Black Bull has lost, a patio for the Biker-boys. Can't remember the name of the pub (help me out here, BigBob) but it has a cool exterior!
While out, I gained a few kilos indulging in Poutine at various locales. Best one: The Spotted Dick! Even better, the Dick still has bar trivia and playing under the guise of Sensei, we kicked some butt. Came 140th in North America, 3rd in the bar and only 50 points out of 1st. Maybe next time!
(Looks like I have a problem lining up the pictures to the text. Hopefully I can iron out the bugs next time.)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Paupers. Used to drink upstairs with Lloyd from Manning street house. Also, the Major Roberts bar which turned into a speakeasy EVERY night. ! :)


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