Feeling in a pretty good mood today, I treated myself to a magazine. The fashion mags often come with a freebie such as a bag or a pouch. This time I got both! Be sure to check out the Happy Tree Friends website for new episodes and other goodies!

The bag is pretty sweet and the pouch is close to my heart.

きゃりーぽみゅぽみゅ (Karry Pomyu-pomyu?) is a funky celeb who really digs the HTF. The more hideous she gets, the cuter she gets.

 If you haven't seen her most famous tune, you don't know what you're missing.

 Mmm. Candy!

I love the last one. Coppertone bum?

The following is not for the squeamish. Click the link at the top if you're not offended by cute little characters getting mauled. Otherwise, avert your eyes now:

What follows are a half dozen Halloween episodes. You can surf around for more yourself.

Just a tad gruesome.

Of course, you can't have a hint of cuteness without marketing it. So much stuff...

Clothing too!

I wouldn't mind a pair of those socks. They look cozy. I can wear them when I dig into this cake!

I had a student (10-year old girl) ask me if I knew about HTF. I proudly answered in the affirmative!

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