Here There Be Monsters.

I don't watch any Japanese TV apart from the odd cartoon or old horror movie but this show intrigues me. From the title, MONSTERS, it looks interesting but it's not about actual monsters, it's some kind of detective drama starring one of the SMAP boys, Shingo Katori. meh.

But the marketing for it is abundant. First there are the snacks:

There's also a Cup Noodle that has a pair of characters from the show dolled up in Hello Kitty headgear.

There is also one of those "Pay 500¥ and get some random piece of memorabilia" and the loot is rather odd and, for a change, practical. I haven't snagged the top 3 prizes, a clock radio or a couple of towels but I have managed to wrangle the following:

A set of Post-it notes. (I actually have 2 sets now.)

A couple of Band-aids in a mini-carrying case.

Two different File folders with accompanying clear pages.

And a Notebook with stickers.

The other goodies are just key chains so I don't think I'll be picking up anymore of these. I do believe the campaign finishes on Friday, so pop over to 7-11 before then to get your Monsters-goods!

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