Happy Pretz Day!

Formally it is Pocky Day but I prefer the taste of Pretz, so I dub thee Pretz Day!

It has been marketed more fervently than past years with one of the coolest crossovers ever.

I bought several boxes of Pocky & Pretz in order to obtain a PPG clear file. At first I'd only seen two different ones. Then I went to a different Family Mart and found a third. I have 3-4 copies of each of these now and today I saw a fourth one! Dang, how many of these are there?

Powerpuff Girls have teamed up with Pocky and Cartoon Network to produce these awesome clear files.

Family Mart isn't the only conbini with a Pocky/Pretz Present though. I popped into a Ministop and sure 'nuff, they had a give-away as well. Buy two Pocky products and you get this mystery box. Within are one of four Pocky premiums.

I got a little eraser-type thing that is used for cleaning your iPhone.

Happy Pretz or Pocky Day everyone in Japan.
Happy Poppy or Remembrance Day to everyone in Canada (and other Commonwealth countries.)
Happy Veteran's Day to America.


REVISION: If you'd like to read a good book on 1812, check out this!


Perogyo said...

Thanks for linking!! :)

Oooh I want those PowerPuff Girls files. Off to Family Mart to see if mine has them!

Michael Jones said...

I have a few doubles if you're unsuccessful in your quest.

Perogyo said...

Found one, thank you!

Michael Jones said...

Popped into a Lawsons that I frequent and she gave me a full set of Rirakuma clear files. Customer loyalty pays off.


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