A sELFie.

Santa Claus has come to town. This year my Santa gigs have started early. I was at a wedding reception today, wherein Santa-san posed for pictures with the lovely couple and their guests and gave a present to a 4-year old. Though the outfit looks awesome, I am not impressed with the beard and wig I was given. They changed from last year's suit and the beard is just huge with little strands straggling everywhere and tickling my nose. The wig is just a mass of hair that is heavy and hot and so large that the hat doesn't exactly fit on my head, it just balances atop my noggin precariously. I hope that when I have my 3 8-hour gigs later this month that some adjustments will be made. 1 hour was tolerable, 24 hours over 3 days, will not be.

But hey, I look good!

As an added bonus, the newlyweds gave me (and everyone else) a Mickey Mouse soap.

I have to admit that the Izumi Royal Park Hotel does a great job of decorating for the holidays. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of its illumination this time, but these are quite lovely snaps.

In other news, Ernie's Bar is having its 7-year Anniversary this weekend and is still ongoing as I write this. I was fortunate enough to make my DJ debut!* I think I'll call myself DJ Kaiju.

*I didn't really do any actual "spinning", I was just pretending to while DJ Mokugohan voided his bladder.

Finally, today I bought a Cinderella Tea today. I think if she has a Pungency problem, then glass slippers should be the least of her worries!

By the way, I doubt if I'm the first person to make the sELFie joke, but I am rather proud of it.

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