Tanjoubi Tangents or Happi Birthday!

After a long hiatus, it's time to break free of my blogger's block and post something before the new year arrives.! Lots to catch up on...

Because I share a birthday with JC, my 25th usually gets shunted aside in favour of my hallowed competition. This year, I fared fairly well.

My co-workers in my hick school gave me a silly hat and some flowers. I have NEVER received flowers on my birthday before!

 One of my grade 3 kids even made me an elaborate maze! Cool!

 My pal Hinnie sent me a care package including an actual Superman alarm clock and a Ted hand-puppet. This should go far towards amusing my students.

I got a nice 3-cd set of Swing songs of which several songs I already own on cd, but it's nice to have them all in one place. Thanks Alex! I also received a Wolverine mini-mate who is giving the Red Skull a scalp massage.

Finally on the 25th itself (I refuse to mention the C-mas word when discussing my birthday), I had dinner with my paramour. We ate at the Hub, a relatively new pub downtown and ordered some drinks. I had a couple of the Specialties and Hisako ordered a beer.

I managed to get some turkey (in the salad), a lamb kebab and some chish and fips fish and chips but don't bother with the pickles.

I received some trinkets, (I know she means well, but they aren't really my style) including a Shovel spoon and fork, a zipper bookmark, a Magic 8-ball Mystic pen, and this monkey that changes into an evolved human when you flip it over. Dunno what it's for, perhaps it's a paper-holder.

But for the first time since I was a kid, I received a watch as a gift. I have given dozens away to friends that I had won at UFO catcher (including about 20 donated to victims of 3/11) but this is my first timepiece! Woohoo!

As I averted my eyes, Hisako bought me a cake from the doughnut shop and we wandered to my buddy Suu's bar, Dragon's Diner. In reciprocation for some Godzilla Sake that I gave him for his birthday, Suu gave me some Teddy-bear Sake! Cool!

If you look closely, you can see the Rakuten Eagles logo on my shoulder. That's because in order to make it a true Happi Birthday, I bought myself an Eagles Happi! (法被=Happi),

Hisako also gave me a card with a coincidentally appropriate theme. My high school nickname was Rocky (long story, but even before the movie premiered) and this card belts out the Conti tune!

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