Let It Snow!

Just a quickie update today. I have been busier than usual and have a lot of blogging to catch up on but in the interim, here are some tidbits from today.

I went to a Sayonara party/bonnenkai today and from about 7pm onwards, it began to snow. When I arrived home 3 hours later, quite a bit had accumulated upon my car. To save myself some time in clearing the snow off my car tomorrow, I did so just now. The snow was wonderful packing snow, so I couldn't resist sculpting it.

I would have gone the whole Calvin route and put them under the wheel of my car but I didn't want to freak out my neighbours more than usual.

I had another Santa gig this morning and got lost finding the place and arrived with about 3 minutes to spare. Carl (the host) was adlibbing while I was donning my gay apparel and I made my debut with quite a precariously loose pair of  pants. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos (too many damn darn kids) and fortunately as I was winding up the gig, the kid who yanked on my trousers did not show off Santa's baubles.

I did though have lunch with Colonel Santa and landed a deck of Santa playing cards!

The aforementioned Sayonora party was for the much beloved Yvonne who is leaving Carl School after 4 gruelling years and will now become a designer/displayer for the new Mega-Ikea that will be opening in Sendai soon. Woohoo! Congratulations!!

I intended on eating this for lunch but now I can save it for breakfast tomorrow. Looks yummy...

It's getting snowier by the minute...

I am NOT looking forward to a drive to Yamagata for a wedding tomorrow in the snow. Luckily, I have already cleared most of the snow off my car so it'll save me time.

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