Twas the Attack on Titan...

It's always good when a new Conbini opens up. This time a Lawson's premiered last week in Rifu and for a limited time, you get double Ponta points (now if I only knew how to redeem those points.)

'Tis two weeks before Christmas and all through the Conbini,
Lots of creatures are stirring, some large and some teeny.
The shelves are all stocked with typical care
With hopes that the customers would soon appear there.

The children are all nestled all snug in the aisles,
With visions of One Piece, Disney and smiles.
With mamma in her Rover and I in my Vitz,
Had parked in the lot hoping not to get hits.

When out in the Lawson's there rose such a clatter,
As the housewives converged and began to natter.
Away to the door, it opened with a swish,
And into the store I may get my wish.

The smell of the chicken in the display at the cash,
Brought a drool to my lips but I decided to dash.
Well what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But an Attack from Titan display of goods oh so near.

There are cookies and chips and Kamu-Kamu*,     (*A hard jelly bean, ginger ale flavour)
I saw tissues and notebooks and clear-cases too.
More rapid than eagles, I snapped them all up,
And soon I had Postcards as well as a cup.

Now ミカサ・アッカーマン、now ライナ・ブラウン、now エレン・イエーガー...
On マルコ・ポット、on アニ・レオンハート  and コニー・スプリンガー.
I pulled out my wallet and ran to the front,
I made such a purchase, what a great silly c*nt!

I ran to my car with a dumb look of glee,
Got back on the highway and drove 103!
I got home and ate chips and exclaimed with delight,
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

I'm a little disappointed to discover that none of the above items have any cards within thought they are clearly displayed on the back of the chips' bag.

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