It's In The Cards.

When I was home last April, I dug through the tons of boxes of Trading Cards in my locker and I brought a few sets back to Japan. Specifically, my Godzilla sets.

This set from '95 is mostly in Japanese and it was tough to complete the series. I'm missing #s 21, 23 and 99 and checklist 2 if anyone can help me out. Furthermore, I didn't get any of the 3D cards so I don't even know what they're like.

 This set from '96 is all in English and in Chromium. I have 8 of the Parallel stickers(below). I'm sure I had more, darned if I know where they are now.

Does anyone else have these sets?

ps. I just checked my archives and I've blogged about these Chromiums before. These must have been my doubles from a bygone era. Where the heck are they now?


Erick said...

Those look great! I wish I had those sets.

Michael Jones said...

I concur. And to think that I got these sets before I ever dreamed of going to Japan.


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