Going Batty.

Over last few weeks, I've been tidying up my place (sloooowly tidying) in order to begin displaying my massive collection of crap. The last time I had items up for display was in early 2011 and all of those fell down during the massive earthquake in April of that year. So I hereby apologize in advance, for once I do have my goods showcased, inevitably there will be another earthquake. You can blame me for it.

Digging back into the collection, I discovered two freezer bags full of Batman-related characters. Since yesterday was the anniversary of the Batman TV series way back in '66, I thought that would be a good chance for me to show you some of what I have.

Obviously these aren't from the 60s series due to the presence of Bane and Batwoman. Here is a list of most of the Batman cast, who would make a good Bane? Ted Cassidy? That big bald guy who always fought Charles Bronson, Robert Tessier?  No need to cast Batwoman, when you had the delightful Batgirl, Yvonne Craig.

Harley Quinn would have been cool in the 60s. I say Teri Garr would have been perfect.

Of the above, this last one is my favourite. We could really use a live-action version of Man-Bat. Who'd we get for the 60s? I dunno, how about Darrin McGavin? I implore you to tell me your dream casting for the above.

I'm waiting for the DVD/ Blu Ray set to drop in price ... Unless someone would like to get it for me.

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