I'm the Best at What I Do...

And what I do best is look incredibly cute in a Wolverine head.

I'm also the best at bargain shopping for geeky goods. At Toys Am Us, I picked up a bunch of Avengers Disc Wars stuff for about 10 bucks thanks to a 30% discount. I picked up a Hyper-Motion Hulk (which is actually motionless but has several points of articulation for lots of posing) which comes with a Hulk Disc Base and Disc.

I also picked up a five-pack of Disc bases which includes Crimson Dynamo, Loki, Captain America, Spider-man, and Hulk.

And a series 1 and 2 blind bags which contain a Disc Base and two Discs.

Abomination and Juggernaut, and Loki and a Destroyer: not a bad selection.

These are basically just glorified Pogs that are made of plastic and tie in with the anime (see link above for the Wiki-page or click that link for the homepage in Japanese.)
They are called "BachiCombat" and I suppose you use them like tiddly-winks. There is one warning on the package, you aren't supposed to smack your little brother upside the head with them. Disappointed!

Holy Crap! The anime actually looks pretty cool! Too much little kids gabbing and not enough super-heroics but not bad.

Across the road from Toys Am Us is a "Hard-off/ Hobby-off" (for Hardware/software and hobbies, similar to a Book-off), and I found another Hulk, only this guy was only two bucks! I also found 3 different Planet of the Apes Kubricks at only 3 bucks a pop. I have never seen these for under 1200 yen before. I also got Season One of Supernatural Super-cheap.

On the way home, I picked up a shelf to display some of this crap and popped into Mandai to grab a few more Movie Pamphlets and a couple of Spider-Man goodies from the year 2000. (Was the first movie really 15 years ago?!?)

I may go back and pick up some more of those Discs tomorrow!

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