Lucky Bag Time!

Today is the Black Friday/ Boxing Day of Japan; it's Lucky Bag Day. I fought the cold and the crowds and for the first time in recent memory didn't spend too much!

I'll start with the coolest stuff and work my way to the not as cool yet still okay stuff.

A perennial favourite is always the Ghibli Flower Shop which appropriately sells Ghibli goods and plants. I'm not going to show all the loot that I received in their mystery bag because much of that will be going to presents and I don't want to spoil any surprises. This is the stuff I'm keeping for ME!

Princess Kaguya bored by some baby boars.
 Some duck squirt gun thing that will go to my bathtub. No idea what movie it's from. Any ideas?
 A cool airplane from The Wind Also Rises. Whoa, right on! It's a magnet.
 A Ponyo towel. I've never seen this movie. I need to rectify that someday.
 A Kiki Water Pack. Only good for cold liquids, it'll be good for my hiking ventures (whenever that'll be.)

I decided to avoid the Nerdier stores so as to keep my temptation and expenses down yet there were some One Piece Socks that I just had to get. Can't go wrong with 5 pairs for 1000 yen.

I found a couple of Capsules for a buck a piece. I got 2 Zombie Kitty characters and a triceratops skull.

A free clear file from E-Beans (there's a 2015 Calendar on the reverse.)

 An E-Beans singer. No idea who but she drew a crowd.
 The Eagles soar overhead.
 Don't know who this gang is but they drew a huge crowd.
Finally, the least interesting purchase was actually my first buy of the day. A variety of 18 different Healthy-ish drinks for 1000 yen. That's about 55 yen each. There's my morning drive's thirst taken care of.


Anonymous said...

That duck is from Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli)

Michael Jones said...

Thanks, anonymous.
I need to rewatch the movie to espy my duck.


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