Hulk Smashed!

No, no, Hulk! You're supposed to drink the beer not smash it!

No, no, Hulk! You're not supposed to smash me either!

I gave our emerald friend there to pal Alex as a Christmas present along with a Stormtrooper stamp. These stamps are nicely detailed and only have villains, so I'll be sure to pick up some more.

Hulk was bought at Yodobashi a few days ago and unlike the similar models/figures, it was on sale. They usually go for 4000-6000 yen and this guy was on sale for about 90% off! I would have kept it for myself but I don't have the upper body strength to attach his midriff and legs to his torso. Even muscular Alex was winded after this Avenger was Assembled.

I picked up a couple of Capsules. I was hoping for Knifehead but got one of the regular Pacific Rim-bots instead.

I nabbed a ubiquitous Deadpool when I grabbed a Funko but much to my surprise, this guy was 20% off as well. If there are any left the next time I pop in there, I'll grab the last ones.

And the other capsule I got was a Kappa holding a cucumber. Unfortunately, I didn't get the colourized version so it isn't easy to tell that it's a cuke.

Speaking of superheroes and Christmas presents though, I did receive a heroic guise.

Now I can finally ditch my mild mannered blog reporter life and none will be the wiser!

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