These Are The Voyagers.

Do you recognize this vessel?

It's the USS Voyager that I've rescued from a box of Star Trek ships, soon to be displayed in all their glory, once I get around to it. 

Yesterday just happens to be the 20th Anniversary of that show's debut and I'm going to regale you of a tale of its cast.

This tale was going to include pictures of a Toronto Comic Convention, with Cos-players aplenty, TV stars and video of me talking to 7 of 11 erm 7 of 9. Alas much to my chagrin, all of those photos were lost in the great Computer Crash in the summer of 2012. So you'll just have to take my word for it.

When BigBob and I went to the convention (like 50 bucks or something to enter!), we did so on a lark without knowing who the guests would be. I turns out that one of the guests was Jeri Ryan. Me, being me, had several Star Wars Bearbricks on hand and I gave them out to random cos-players whom I thought were particularly cool. Then I espied Jeri Ryan and as luck would have it, there was no line-up for an autograph signing. Her security guard saw me approach her but didn't stop me from handing her a C-3P0 Bearbrick that she said she'd give to her daughter. We chatted for a bit and then I left. (I think I also gave a character to tipsy-looking Dean Stockwell but I'm not sure of that.)

Here is Jeri Ryan at that very convention. Unfortunately there is no clip of me asking her about her relationship with Kate Mulgrew. I didn't realize there was bad blood between them and she just made a very diplomatic answer. Such as, "She's wonderful, a truly great actress." And then pretty much changed the subject.

So that is my brush with the Borg, I managed to escape unassimilated.

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