Zoryani Viyny

Zoryani Viyny is a transliteration and Зо́ряні ві́йни is the actual Ukrainian spelling of Star Wars.

Why am I bringing this up? Because one of my ex-co-workers-and-Facebook-friends (too many hyphens there) responded to my "Let's Fill Facebook with Images of Star Wars" with the following pictures. They are TOO incredible to keep to FB alone, so I'm sharing them on the interwebs for the world at large.

The colour and detail on this are amazing and I'm not sure what all the little symbols strewn throughout are symbolic of but they certainly add to the pictures.

This is some info on Lego Darth for those of you who understand the language.

The person that started this all off for me challenged me to a Boba Fett and so I snapped a photo of the nearest item I had at hand, and Surprise-Surprise, it's a bottle cap.

This was her initial picture that got the ball rolling for me.

Some other photos that have crept into my feed follow:

Here are 30 Star Wars characters as chosen by Empire Magazine. I can't argue with the picks, maybe just quibble with the order of them.

Lastly, this little item was picked up in a Mandai grab-bag yesterday. I seem to recall buying a few of these in 2005 and may have them stuffed in a box somewhere, or I gave them away. Anyway, handy little knickknack, it's an R2-D2 Snack Clip to hold ones potato chip bag closed so they don't go stale. (Never mind that I rarely leave an opened bag of chips unfinished.)

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