I'm Lovin' It.

A friend from HK recently gave me a box set of some Justice League X Korejanairobo courtesy of McDonald's in that fine land.

I'd expected the heroes but The Joker was a pleasant surprise! The descriptions are delightful.

The Joker
Introduction:  Don't make us laugh. The green hair. The crazed smile. The maniacal cackle. You know exactly who he is an how far he'd go to put a smile on your face.
Power:  Complete unpredictability, intelligence.

The Flash
Introduction:  Impulsive, clever, fast.

Introduction:  Heroic, invincible, altruistic.

Green Lantern
Introduction:  Fearless, noble, incorruptible.
Power:  Controls the ring's POWER with his will.

Introduction:  Complex, solitary, committed.
Power:  The world's greatest DETECTIVE; The supreme MARTIAL ARTIST; The ultimate MASTER OF VEHICLES AND GADGETS.
Wonder Woman
Introduction:  Strong, diplomatic, independent.
Power:  Numerous WEAPONS: tiara, bracelets, lariat - all serve two purposes.

Oddly, the backs of these guys have these immobile wheel gizmos in their shoulder blades. Superman and Batman have them as well but they're covered up by the capes.

These guys are nigh-identical to the set of  Blockhead Capsules I picked up over a year ago but The Joker figure is limited to this box set only.

Besides it comes with a set of stickers and includes Catwoman. Now I really want her in my collection!

Some other guy received a set and put his discovery to funky music.

She also commissioned a friend of hers in Taiwan to pick me up a cup. COOL!

 Building not to scale.

Taiwan seems like the place to be near the end of the year when they hire cute Cosplayers to work as staff and boost sales! (I scammed some photos from there in case you're too lazy to click.)

Okay, that last one with Child's Play Chucky and a creepy gal, I could do without.

How about the Happi Setto in Japan? Oh, it's yet another Pokemon set. Yawn!

The kiddies (and one overly enthusiastic guy) seem to love them though.

Besides, Japan has had some difficulties with quality control of late. Check out some of the weird items that have been cropping up in their meals lately. I'm NOT lovin' it!


Bob Johns said...

Why can't our McD's be that cool! If I walked in and saw a Chucky that would rock!!

Michael Jones said...

Chucky-cool; cosplay girls-cute;
That Goku though needs an awful large hairnet!


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