Dam Foxy.

En route to Fukushima the other day, we stopped off at the 竹駒稲荷神社 or Takekoma Inari Shrine. For those too lazy to click that and learn more, it's a Shinto Shrine dedicated to the Harvest.

Those guys liked to keep a pair of foxes as messengers and there are several statues dedicated to them. The one with the stick (actually a scroll) in its mouth is papa fox, the one with the ball (or a jewel) is mama fox. There are several depictions of them located throughout the Shrine.

 These are the pods that hatch the foxes.
Okay, I really have no idea what these pods are.

I bought a pair of foxes for myself. Word of advice, make your purchases at the souvenir stand outside the main shrine area. They are 700 yen cheaper than inside.

Besides the foxes, there are a few Bonsai trees.

And a Coy Koi Pond including a few statues within, a cool pair of turtles, and a couple of cranes, one is chowing down on a dragonfly.

It's a really cool Shrine, if you get a chance, head out to Iwanuma and check it out.

Further along the route to Fukushima, we made a detour to Matsugabou Dam. A little off the beaten path but worth it, very scenic.

Also a cool place to go and the start to a great road trip.

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