The Family Jewels.

My nephew William has asked whether I have any family heirlooms that he can give his current girlfriend, soon to be a fiancée if all goes well. (I hope she doesn't read this.) I had a few jewelry boxes full of loot stored in the back of a closet yet tough to reach due several boxes in the way.

This cameo was my mom's and I don't plan on giving it away anytime soon. (I did give a chain to an ex-girlfriend 2 years ago, this one I'm holding on to.)

These are the ringu I have. Some were either my mom's or owned by me once upon a time.

These are definitely from UFO Catcher. Years ago before they cracked down and made it tougher, I was  expert at winning stuff. These would be from that haul.

I am fairly sure this cross was given to me from my Godfather back when I was a teen (and he was still alive), yet the others I'm not really sure where they came from. More than likely, they're my moms.

 These were definitely UFO Caught.

I have a couple of chains, no idea whether they're real gold, or silver or whatever.

I lead a charmed life.

I gave my mom this hunk of silver back when I used to work at Johnson-Matthey Refinery as a security guard back in the early 80s. It has probably depreciated since then.

Will, you are welcome to any of the above (including the cheap crap.) I hope your gal likes it.

These cuff-links were given to me as a youth but I don't think I've ever used them. I need a shirt with cuffs first.

I doubt if this tie-clip is solid gold. I suspect I received it as volunteer which I did for about 15 years in the 80s and 80s for AYSP.

Just so I don't have my nerd credentials revoked, in the same drawer that these were found also included several lighters, most of which were also UFO Caught.

Finally, I have a Last Samurai pin. Not sure where I got it but I seem to recall seeing the movie on its opening day.

Hmm, now that I've disclosed all my worldly goods for the entire readership of this blog, I'd better start locking my door.

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