A Cornucopia of Crap.

I've been tidying the old apartment lately and staying up late doing so thus accounting for an absence of posting these days. Last night I discovered a bag fool of goodies that was too juicy to pass up. Some of these items have been blogged about before, some will warrant a post of their own in the future. For now, I'll just show off all of this sweet booty. Starting with Manda from Mandai.

I picked that up for a buck at a Mandai in Morioka. Other Godzilla goodies follow. First up is the menagerie that was within the bag.

 This is from '93 and is supposed to spin around. It does so only sporadically. Oh well.
 A pair from the latest Godzilla movie.
 And Mr. and Mrs. Muto his nemesis.
 Godzilla vs. Hedorah. I don't think I have this one already.
 Mothra metamorphosis.
 That's a Battra  Megaguirus* missing a wing and the tail of a Ghiddorah. The rest must be in another bag.
Gezorah, better known as Yog, the Monster from Space or the Space Amoeba.

Godzilla Jr. and Anguirus Varan* from the first Godzilla sequel, Godzilla Raids Again.
Revised thanks to a commenter.
 Doubles of my Mothra- and Gojira-mobiles so I can play with them.
Mixing genres a bit, here is Gamera on a keychain and Rodan with a Mothra larva riding on his back.
This bat-dude is from a movie I've never seen yet its name eludes me at the moment* Latitude Zero, a movie I've never seen. You can see this bat-dude at the 1:55 mark on this preview. I wonder if they ever came out with a Griffin from the same flick.
*Revision thanks to the knowledgeable Stephen Sullivan, author extraordinaire.

Some other Kaiju-related items.

Some Star Wars stuff, starting with some Stormtroopers and Yoda hanging around a JoJo AR can.
This Darth Maul came with some Cup Noodles and is designed to hold down the lid on the noodles without releasing the steam.
 4/6 of the Darth Vader and Son mini-chains. I hope they release the series based on the Leia book as well.
 For some reason, I'd removed this Enterprise from my phone's earphone. Back it goes.
Dinosaurs, Disney and Dracula, oh my.

Pokemon and some other straps.

 This disembodied head of Mao (figure skater) used to be attached to a body but fell off.
I finally found my Terminator skull so I can do something I've wanted to do for ages.
Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well.
An Evangelion/Kitty mashup.
A deck of Madoka Magika cards*.
*This will get a post of its own.
A couple of Koibito creatures.
John Stewart
A Spidey-cap from the first movie, a Joker from the second, and a Rocket Raccoon from the first.
Iron Man tats.
Finally a trio of Migi*.
*Also to get their own post.
More items to follow as the bags get opened and explored!


Sean Linkenback said...

That would be Megaguirus in the photo missing a wing not Battra, and it would be Varan and Godzilla junior not Anguirus and Godzilla

Michael Jones said...

Thanks, Sean. I like a guy who knows his stuff. I realized my Megaguirus mistake later and was too lazy to research the others. (It was pushing 4am when I posted this.) I am a tad embarrassed by the Varan error, so doubly thanks.
I'll correct the errors.


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