Just for the Halibut.

Years ago, I went to the Matsushima Aquarium then called Marinepia; it has since moved locations and is now known as Umino Mori Aquarium. A few days ago, I attended the new one and I must say that it is vastly improved. Just when I thought there was nothing else to see, we discovered a whole new section of African, European and American (North and South) fishies. I didn't have time to check out the dolphin or seal shows but I bought a season pass so I can go back any time. (A season's pass is twice the price of regular admission (2,100), so I only have to go back once to break even.)

I can't recall the names of all the aquatic life I saw (Who am I? Aquaman?) though I was able to make a variety of puns about most of the fish just to keep my compadre amused annoyed. (I'm going to tag some of the fish in Japanese with a "?" because I'm scamming them from this page and I'm not sure I'm correct.)

 They're packed like sardines in there.
Scraping off the poop.

 Takos, anyone?
This guy is the ugliest fish ever yet he has a lovely smile.



 House shopping?

 マンボウ? Why do we call this guy a Sunfish? Because of his sunny disposition?

Are you feeling eel?
 サンゴタツ? (below)

 Anyone for a Sea Cucumber sandwich?

 A Japanese Eel, long buggers aren't they?

フナムシ or Wharf Roach.
 Red-clawed Crabs. Uncanny kani!

 It's not just fishies, there are also a few local beasties such as a Japanese Rat Snake, Tree Frog, and Gecko.
 Carpe Diem.
 See! Sea Lion.
 Funny looking.
 Funnier looking.
 Funniest looking!

 Nemo and pals.

Stick with me and I'll make you a Star, fish.

Can I get some peanut butter with these jellyfish?

Click on the panorama to gigantisize it.

 See! Sea turtle.
 It takes some practice but you can play Tetris with these tetras.

 C'mon Caiman.
Felix the Catfish.
 It's a gar, by gar!

It wasn't a rock, it was a Rock Lobster!

When an eel lunges out, and it bites you on the snout, that's a moray!
(This gag is courtesy of a BC comic strip that I read over 45 years ago.)

I can scan from Dan the Man. Quite a difference between a photographer with patience with a real camera and me phone-pics.

Feeding time!
That last shot was also taken by Dan. It is a pretty good aquarium, I plan to go again. If anyone wants to go with me, I get to go for free next time!

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