Surprise, Godzilla!

I trekked out to Fukushima City to do some nerdy shopping and upon arrival espied a Giant Godzilla atop a hotel. I snapped a pic from the car and did some cropping, this is what transpired.

Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the name of the hotel is Bikuri Gojira (Surprise Godzilla) and it is not affiliated with the Godzilla Hotel in Shibuya.

 Cool, it lights up at night.
 The other side of the hotel has a few lights burnt out.
Upon really close inspection, it is indeed a Love Hotel and I would have suggested we stay the night if my companion weren't named Dan. I like ya, just not in that way.

Across the street is a Mandai-clone called Mansai (NO idea why the name change) and it was pretty good yet not as good as others I've been to.

I did grab a full set of Arise: Ghost in the Shell A4-size clear files (3 for 200, so I got two sets. One for a pal in Toronto.)

I also picked up this on spec. I have no idea what it is but Universal Monsters stuff is hard to come by. It may just be a set of iron-ons, I'll have to open it up to see. (Hmm. Nothing on the web, I really will have to open it up.)

Check out that CAUTION. Lots of Jinglish (or Chinglish or Kinglish) there so it may be an Asian product.

That's fairly illegible so:
(1) It cannot be used for the cloth over which an iron is not covered. (2) What was printed at once cannot be removed. (3) Please do not cover an iron over the printed portion by any means. (4) Depending on wash frequency, there are discoloration and a case where it fades, a little. (5) If it is used for cloth other than white, a color will not be expressed correctly. (6) Please use a print sheet as early as possible.
That last one concerns me, they may be unprintable.

Well, what do you know. It's two pairs of socks with the Sindee logo on them and the transfer sheet is really tiny. I suppose you're supposed to cut up the little characters and iron them onto the socks. Cool! Though I may pick up some black socks without the logo.

I wanted to get either or both of these but I didn't have a spare 100-200$ on me. Besides, I have nowhere to put them, they are huge!

In other news, I picked up some Avengers Mountain Dews. Unlike the quartet from India, the same art is used and mashed up into only two different cans. Regardless, pretty damn cool!

 I'm drinking Captain America/Iron Man out of my Captain America cup right now!

In some Avengers-related news, we are still awaiting Ant-Man to be released (9/11) yet they sure are plugging it here. This is the coolest Eye Chart ever! (For those who've never had their eyes checked in Japan, rather than using random tiny alphabet letters, a circle is used with either the top, bottom, left, or right missing and you tell the Optician which one it is.)

(Be sure to click it to experience it in all its greatness and tininess.)

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