Looking Foxy.

After writing about those foxy statues, I realize that I never wrote about the Fox Farm in Shiroishi. I took pal Andy and his paramour, Milica, to the Zao Kitsune Village over Golden Week over two months ago. The foxes weren't overly lively then and I doubt whether they'd be very mobile now in this heat. Spring or Fall are probably the best times to visit.

Spoiler alert: there were no gorillas or pandas here. You may be able to find a squirrel though.

 They did have fish on a stick!

What follows are a few pics of kits, tiny newborn pups and their lethargic moms, the vixens.

If interested, you could drop a small fortune to pet a kit for a few minutes. Much to my surprise, it was totally worth it.

What follows are several pictures of foxes frolicking or flopping out. Whether you think they are cute and adorable or sad and despondent is your own opinion (I weigh towards the former of the choices.)

Feeding time!

The roaming and wandering wild animals seemed relatively happy. The ones in cages, less so.

All in all, not a bad place. Your mileage may vary.

While in the neighbourhood*, we popped over to 白石城 Shiroishi Castle. Pretty impressive.
 *Full disclosure, we went to the castle first, but I wanted to start off with the foxes.

The interior is very cool as well.

There is also a spectacular view from there.

The castle: Cool, worth visiting. The fox farm, it depends if you're a fan of caged canines or not. All in all, they appear well treated and it is certainly worth it to pet a baby fox!

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