Rocks and Rubbers.

Complain all you want about the heat, this sudden 10 degree drop in temperature has wreaked havoc with my system and I've been sneezing and snorting all day. I made it to a clinic for medication, let's hope it heals me before school starts.

If that doesn't work, let my Nerd powers activate!

There was a mini-charity festival on Sunday, I'm not entirely certain what the cause was, but there was a big crowd. If the charity is an ongoing TV station, that's not a very worthy cause in my opinion.

It provided rock-painting for the kids. A talented bunch, I must say.

Toddlers could also jump up and down within a giant dog's belly or watch a couple of roly poly furries in action.

I had a plate of oysters, quick-baked with a blow torch!

At UFO Catcher, I found a second series of Tsum Tsum tapes, I landed 5/8 of them.

I found this pair of Moomin tapes at 7-11, unfortunately it was the last one and I haven't found any others since.

I also got a new Darth Maul, though it took me several tries to do so. It's the last one I'll seek out.

This C-3PO eraser was found at Lawson's. There are 10 different ones with 8 different colour combos plus a mystery one. That's 81 different erasers, at 300¥ each, that 24,300¥ (well over 200$!) for the entire set, a bit out of my price range. Add in the high chance of duplication and the fear of landing a Jar Jar, this is the last one I'll get.

Speaking of erasers (back when I was a kid, we called them rubbers, long before that word became synonymous with condoms), I dug up these Popeye ones that I found at a Popeye's Restaurant back in the early 80s. Much to my chagrin, I'm missing Olive Oyl!

Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow so I can spend my last free day before school starts back in the great outdoors. Or not, the forecast is for rain all week!

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