Catching Star Wars.

I finally caught Star Wars on Monday night and managed to survive the weekend prior without having it spoiled for me. Suffice to say, it is a wonderful movie, one that I've been waiting over 3 decades to see. Great new characters, terrific appearances from the "old" characters and some actual good ol' fashioned acting!

Spoiler Alert!

This Ewok does NOT show up in this movie.

It did, though, manage to show up in a UFO Catcher bin and I snagged it on my third try. The particular Game Centre that I went to just happened to have a special whereupon if one pays 500 yen for 3 tries, one gets a free box of tissues!

I managed to win the above with only one box.

It cost me two more boxes (thus 1000 yen) to succeed in obtaining my next prize.

This terrific pillow of our favourite droid duo.

Ages ago, I'd won this prestige Yoda figure, well they've added C-3PO to the bunch

Finally, the other big item I've snagged is this BB-8. It'll go along well with the Yoda I'd won a few weeks ago.

Much to my surprise and frustration, I can't win the smaller SW figures. I'm cursed to only win the big stuff!

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