Yay! I landed the A Prize in the latest 7-11 Lucky Draw. It's an R2-D2 figure!

 The head opens up to reveal a ... coffee cup? I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.

But it does look cool!

I also managed to get the last of the J Prizes, the fifth mini-towel.

So now that I'm getting all kinds of doubles, I suppose I don't need to buy any more. Aw, who am I kidding? I still need the B and C Prizes before I can give up.
(ASIDE: On the first weekend this contest began, I had almost completed all the ones I needed. Only one of the 7-11s that I'd visited had even begun the lottery and I had cleaned it out of much that I'd needed. I decided that I'd go back the next day and buy up the remainder, hoping to get the A, B, C, and Last One Prizes in one fell swoop. Ironically someone had beat me to it and there were NO more prizes for sale! I had ignored a lesson that I'd learned decades ago, "When collecting nerdy stuff, if you snooze, ya lose!")

I recently landed a very nice Yoda via UFO Catcher.

It is so cool, that I had to open up the box and actually admire the model. 

Less impressive are these capsules that you can buy off the shelf. The black ones are 300 yen and within are "Bottle caps". It doesn't look too bad but I don't plan on buying any more.

Even more unimpressive are the grey-capsuled "Desk Top Figures". I got a Darth Vader Light Sabre that may be an eraser, all I know is that I shan't be buying any more even at the cheaper price of 200 yen.

These aren't very ubiquitous, I've only seen them in one store so far. Yet these SW Art Cards are very nicely done. At only 280 yen, they are not unreasonably priced and would make a nice gift.

Finally in the latest wave of goods, you can pick up an R2-D2 Bath Tablet. Once I decide to take a leisurely bath, I'll let you know how it bubbles.

 What's next on the Star Wars Swagathon? Stay tuned...

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