It's Santastic!

I took a week off from blogging and now have some catching up to do. Here are the highlights of my Santa gigs over the last few weeks.

Since the beginning of December, I've had more Santa gigs this year than in previous years. First was my annual appearance with the gang at Tohoku Denki (Electric) Friends of Canada party. The only difference this year was the addition of a few more Canucks than usual, including the Ambassador of Canada with whom we had drinks with later. Hobnobbing at its best.

There was a trio of a Classical pianist, violinist, and singer and the vocalist performed Oh Canada and a few carols.

Some of the Canucks meeting both Santa and Black Santa (he's SO evil).

Best part of the evening (apart from the presents) was meeting the Canadian Ambassador to Japan, Mackenzie Clugston and having a few drinks with him in a nijikai (second party.)

I couldn't drink much for I had an all-day Santa affair with some Day Care kids the following morning. I decided to go au naturel using my actual beard rather than the phony one.

The wee laddies and lassies had no idea I wasn't the real thing.

Over the following two Saturdays, I did four more Day Cares courtesy of Carl (Julian) and his gang.

 A very happy Santa!

I also had another all-day gig at Sendai station working with NTT and paired up with a dozen models flogging phones.

It was a well-paid gig, too bad they didn't spend much on the costume. Next time I bring my own.

Alas, no pics of the models, except for one big blue one.

It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't make an appearance at Ernies Bar...

Finally, I had my annual performance at the Royal Park Hotel getting my photo taken with a ton of kiddies. Too bad it's not as popular an event as in the past and I only greeted two dinners worth of families instead of 3 or 4.

The photographer's assistant above and my two helpers below each received on of the above little UFO caught treats.

A nice way to top off the night was viewing the first full moon on a Christmas day in 38 years (the last time was when Star Wars first premiered.

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