Merry Birthday To Me.

Up until 12:00 am. on Christmas Eve, I'm all about Santa though once the clock strikes midnight, it's my birthday and let the revelry begin. I started the evening at Suu's bar, Dragon Diner. I brought along a bottle of Sake, that I couldn't drink during Halloween due to incarceration convalescence in the hospital, and shared it with his patrons.

Once the first wave of guests left, another visitor came in and bought me a shot of tequila. Fortunately, I had no ill effects as a result.

As 2 am rolled around, I bade farewell to Suu and wandered over to Ernies.

He and I were the only two in the place and drank for another two hours. By 4 am., it didn't seem as though anyone else would show, so we called it a night.

Much to my surprise, Santa-Ern gifted me some pastries for breakfast and a pair of Burberry socks. It wouldn't be Christmas without getting a pair of socks!

After a few hours sleep, I got up and opened the only presents that I'd received this season, apart from the loot I'd purchased for myself, such as this book.

Thanks to my gal-pal, with whom I'd seen SWep7TFA earlier in the week, I received a cornucopia of items. For Christmas, I got a necktie ...

 and a mini Totoro made out of rose quartz!

 The rest of the goodies were all birthday prezzies!

Such as this set of 5 R2-unit magnets(above) and a poster magnet (below).

A Force Awakens Rubics Cube that I am certain I will never solve.

And the ... best ... present ... ever ...! Darth Vader barrel/pop-up doohickey. *details later.

I popped over to IKEA to see Yvonne who had to work on X-mas and consumed a holiday meat plate that included All-you-can-eat meatballs. I think Jesus would approve.

After that, it was off to the cinema to see SWep7TFA for the second time, only this time in 4D! It's rather a wacky experience, you pay about 10 bucks more the 4D and then another 4 bucks for the 3D and then strap yourself in (figuratively) for the ride. Your chair jostles back and forth, up and down to the rhythm of the onscreen action and periodically, you get a jolt in your back when shot or stabbed! Also you may get a blast of air and dry ice during a lazer-fight or a spray of water in the face when appropriate.

Before the movie, my companion Michael (a fellow Santa) and I played the aforementioned *Darth game. Taking turns stabbing the barrel with light sabres, to the accompaniment of sounds, music or voices from SW, eventually Darth Vader pops up.

Here is a little video of our game. Apologies for the noisy background and kudos to the vocal renderings of my opponent.

The movie was just as good the second time around and the jostling of the chairs added to its appeal. Because it wasn't IMAX, I didn't feel that the 3D was worth it, though the 4D was.

Full moon over the cinema.

I picked up a pair of light-up light sabre chopsticks as a birthday present to myself and tried them out on some SW Cup Noodles the following day.

Not a bad birthday after all, I must say.

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