It's a Schickness.

Why do I need to collect every little thing associated with one of my obsessions? (I think using the term "obsession" answers that question.) The fine folks at Schick have released some blades with a Star Wars theme to them. (Click that link to see an ad.)

A colleague pointed them out to me and snapped some pics from the store.

While at the cinema, I noticed two giant slick Schick posters the other day, but I still hadn't found the blades myself.

I finally found a couple myself yesterday at the supermarket. Alas there were neither shaving creams nor whip wash at this locale. So I picked up a Razor with a couple of extra packs of blades.

Good news, it's a close shave.

Hey, I never even noticed that the BB-8 is a Razor-holder, cool! Now I just have to track down some shaving cream.

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