The Prince is Right!

While everyone else is oohing and aahing over Star Wars (had you heard that a new movie is being released?), I discovered that The Little Prince is playing at La Cine Vita (Bivi) in English. I'd about given up hope of seeing this in anything but Japanese yet I checked out the website and lo and behold it's there! Alas, today is the last day at a reasonable hour, for the next week it'll be at 9:20am, so check it out while you can.

The animation is wonderful, the voice acting is superb and the story itself is heartrending. Highly recommended.

Anticipating that I'd eventually watch this, I picked up a Clear File ages ago.

I also discovered some stuffed figures at the UFO Catcher next to the Tomiya 109 Cinema.

It took me forever to win the above three yet I had a spare coin so I attempted the large version of Mr. Fox and won it on the first try!

The goods for sale at the cinema today weren't very appealing, though I can always use an eraser.

So if you head out to the theatre to go see Star Wars and discover that it's sold out, go check out this movie instead. I may go see it again in Japanese just to catch it in 3D or 4D, it's that good...

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