Stickers, A New Hope.

Several months ago, I reported about some Wookie Cookies which was a series of stickers for Episodes I, II, and III of Star Wars. There was also a series released at the same time but not in our area of Japan. Later in the summer it was eventually released here but it took me forever to complete a set. I finally got the last one I needed last week (now I am shy of a second complete set by only one card, #1.)

Here is the series for your perusal.

Here is the ever elusive #1. If anyone has another duplicate of this, I'd gladly take it off your hands.

 Everyone's favourite Protocol Droid.

 Above and below, cool cards, creepy characters.

 Qui Gon-Jinn. Is that Jinn as in Genie, do you think?

This guy gives me Palpitations. It's been pointed out to me that I bear a resemblance to him. Perhaps a cosplay is in order.
 Best addition to an otherwise mediocre movie. Hmm, Maul, could it be that he's evil?
 Dooku dukes it out.
 No wait, this guy is the best addition to the newer movies. Hmm, Grievous, could he be evil?

Don't go losing your head.
 The cutest card of the series!
 No wait, this is the cutest card!
 And I apologize for following up the cute with the crud.
 Could this be BB8's papa?
 Commander Cody. His name doesn't sound evil at all.
 Comic relief Droid.
 The Red Guard can't have very good peripheral vision.
Yay, it's Darth, the one and only.

Obi-wan, has there ever been a parody to the tune of Obladi Oblada? (Someone needs to get a haircut.)

 An epic battle...
They Mustafa must have a duel.

Well that's it for this set of cards. Thank goodness I don't need to buy any more cookies!


A Special Edition series! Oh, bloody hell!

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