To Whom Should One Call?

We have to wait a few more weeks to see it yet I had purchased an advanced ticket of Ghostbusters ages ago. Apparently, much to most people's surprise, the movie is NOT RUINING one's childhood and is getting some good solid reviews from the nerdy bunch. Two reasons: 1. So I could judge it on its own merits and 2. because I got this nifty penlight.

I haven't seen much merchandising yet, though it seems to be trickling in. Such as this Smiling-Fatso popcorn with a mix of caramel and butter/salt.

Or this odd snack (titled, スナック "Snack") which shows a Shocked-Fatso with crab claws shilling Crab-Cream-Croquettes.

A similarly Surprised-Fatso is graces this package of gummies with either Muscat grape or Cola flavours.

Staypuff's head.

A couple of Slimers,

The Ghostbuster-mobile and the Fatso logo.


Unfortunately, this J.S.Burgers restaurant is not in Sendai, otherwise I'd like to try some of their unique fare. Such as this squid-ink black-bunned burger and the ink has the added bonus of turning your poop Slimer-green!

A Slimer-Smoothie!

And a Marshmallow Mad Burger, a diabetics delight!

These four comediennes have been honoured with the job of subbing the voices of the Ghostbusting actresses and if this video is anything to go by, they do a more than adequate job!

I'm looking forward to this movie a lot!


Eric said...

If Universal were smart, they'd make "Ghostbusters" a worldwide franchise, setting up branches around the world. Then they need to set up a Japanese branch with these four in charge.

Sean Kelly said...

My daughter and I went to a J.S. Burger, but the Ghostbusters burgers were not available yet.

Michael Jones said...

A J-Ghostbusters would be great, especially with these four in charge.

Bummer about the burgers, Sean.


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