What's at Steak?

One good thing about the forthcoming new Godzilla movie is all the promotions that go along with it. For example, tonight I dined at BigBoy and had a ゴジラ ステーキ.

Two of the banners outside the restaurant.

Our Big Bad Boy proudly displaying the banner.

I'm a little disappointed that my particular restaurant wasn't decked out with lots of Big G paraphernalia.

The steak itself was bloody great!

Whoa, it comes with a free Clear File!
"Gee, Michael, you didn't just pay 30$ for a steak dinner just so you could get a Clear File did you?"
I think we all know the answer to that question.

Could the presence of Ghidorrah on this Clear File be a spoiler for the movie? I certainly hope so.

I love these Anime-ted versions of Bigboy, Godzilla, Ghidorrah, Rei and Asuka.

Oh, there's another Clear File as well? I guess I'll have to pay a visit later this week.

Best of all is an opportunity to win this Jacket! I entered via the Internet, I hope I did so correctly.

This collaboration between Godzilla, BigBoy, and Evangelion isn't the only mashup. For example, I went to the Kaiyodo Figure Museum's travelling display of Evangelion just to see if there were any more goodies for me to purchase.

There were two t-shirts but at 4200¥ each, they are a little beyond my budget.

I didn't view the figures on display for I was under a time constraint and it was 7 bucks. I did snap a couple of photos outside the display.

The display ends soon so if you're a fan, head over to eBeans tomorrow or Monday.

"Michael, did you pay 600¥for a smoothie just so you could get a cheap-ass coaster?"
I think we all know the answer to that question.

I bought a couple of Clear Files to commemorate the above event.

Once again, I meet my nemesis!


Sean Kelly said...

I think there is a Big Boy in the Aeon Shopper's Plaza right next to the base. I think a lunch or two might be in order.

Also I went to the Kaiju Sakaba in Kawasaki for the 50th Anniversary of Ultraman. It is a fun little theme restaurant if you ever get the chance to go.

Michael Jones said...

I went to the Kaiju Sakaba over a year ago and just happened to show up when it was under construction and closed. I'll be back.

Sean Kelly said...

Let me know when you come back and maybe I will be able to join you. I went on a lark because the wife and daughter were spending the night in Tokyo.

Christopher Sobieniak said...


Sorry, just couldn't help myself!


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