The Goodzilla are starting to trickle in courtesy of a 7-11 campaign. Though released a few days ago, I wasn't aware until today that 7-11 has made four different Godzilla/Evangelion notebooks available with the purchase of two baked goods. Naturally, I had to buy all four which means I now have my breakfast sorted out for the week.

This is the frontispiece of my favourite of the four, featuring a mini-bio the artist (I think).

 The outer cover.
 The interior

An ad at the back featuring artwork for the nanaco debit card*.

Here is the bread that I purchased.

Here is the frontispiece of another notebook, again featuring a mini-bio of someone (sorry, I couldn't discern who).

The outer cover.
 The interior.

This notebook is the cutest of the bunch featuring Asuka with Godzilla and Rei with Mothra.

Inside is drawing of Kaworu with Rodan and Shinji with Mecha-Godzilla.

Here is the interior. It's much easier to write upon so you don't have to destroy the gorgeous watermark as in the above two books.

Finally, the one I consider to be the least impressive.

But at least it has this picture as its frontispiece.

An ad for the four notebooks.

I mentioned the *nanaco card above and here is some more info.

Check out the link above for lots more artwork on the designs. Click upon it to learn who each of these artists is.

Buy your bread now while supplies last!

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