Gojira's visage is beginning to show up on various items around town. I picked up some Hot Chili Ramen snacks and Butamen (Pork-ramen) the other day merely because his face is plastered on the package.

I haven't tried them yet, they do appear to be quite spicy. *

*I took another look at the spicy Ramen and there is an offer for a Poster/ Pamphlet. I'll have to investigate further!

I had the Giant Hot Dog (with honey mustard) at the cinema last week. Tasty and it comes with a postcard-sized calendar for the remainder of 2016. Not a very impressive premium.

I shall forego this expensive whisky. If I ever get an extra hundred bucks and it shows up here, I may grab a bottle.
I noticed this ad for some Cup Ramen (more like Bowl Ramen) this morning and sought it out for lunch today. No luck. I did find it in time for dinner and picked up the three Godzilla oriented ones. (I'll get the Evangelion ones later.)

So if you buy two Bowl Ramens at 171¥ each, you get one of these little Bowls with it.

At first glance I didn't know what they are for and then I inspected them more closely.
Aha! Once one pours the boiling hot water into the Styrofoam cup or bowl, this little doodad is useful for keeping the lid down while the noodles cook.

My guess is confirmed here.

I have picked up this magazine because it features an awesome tote bag with it. But at 1800 yen a pop, I won't be buying any more of them. I'll show off the interior of the mag at a later date.

Note to the book's editor. I can understand attaching the bag to the back of a page within the magazine. Did it have to be glued to a page with an awesome poster of Shin-Godzilla?

Finally, a new Kodansha video collection has come out. It seems similar to d'Agostino for it has the same motif. #1 is relatively cheap at 890¥and future volumes will cost 1000 yen more. I had to get volume one because it has a ton of extras, details later.

Much more Godzilla to follow.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!


Sean Kelly said...

I just picked up the bag and DVD magazines for a friend and saw some awesome photobooks of the classic movies in production. Of course the books were 4500 and 3500 Yen respectively. I also came across a gatcha machine with Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, King Gidorah (really plain Gidorah) and Hedorah giving press conferences or debates. Unfortunately my Hedorah came with two right legs and will not assemble properly.

Now the real question is to see the movie in IMAX, 4DMAX, or on the regular screen.

Michael Jones said...

I will probably wait until those books are on sale in the second-hand market. As for those figures, I featured them in a post about 2 weeks ago. Too bad about your Hedorah (I seem to recall having a hard time assembling mine as well.)

Sean Kelly said...

As I went through the list, I saw the post you made. I went back and tried again. Now I have 3 Hedorahs and 3 Gidorahs. None of the others. I'll try again later to get the remaining two.

Michael Jones said...

Full disclosure. I have a "guy" who runs a Gatcha-shop and sets aside a set of anything Godzilla related. So I have NO doubles.

Sean Kelly said...

The gacha machine was gone yesterday. I do know a shop in Akihabara. I'll get up there soon. In the meantime, I planted two extras in my daughter's room to see when she notices them.


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