Happy Kai-July First!

Yesterday was Canada Day and I happened to drop by my Gatcha-Capsule connection and he put aside the new set of Godzilla capsules for me. I'm not sure exactly what each of these Kaiju are apologizing for but it's a very Canadian tradition to say I'm sorry"; the Japanese know how to take it to the next level.

Here Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mecha-Godzilla, and Hedorah all make public mea culpa speeches to the masses, probably asking for forgiveness due to their constant destructive rampages.

Can anyone read the kanji on these and tell me what they're apologizing for?

Here is an article explaining them in more detail with far superior photos that I shall scam.

At the front of the table is a scroll that reads 破壊行為 “Hakai Koui” or “Acts of Destruction“, so the public can know exactly what he’s apologizing for.

He also had some pencil holders from 1993 for sale so I picked up a Kamakuras, Gorosaurus and a pink Godzilla.

Yesterday also happened to be the Grand Opening for the Parco 2 Department store. It's the same as any other Parco, except this one happens to have a new IMAX Cinema on the top floor.
Guess where I'll be on July 29th.

Here's a view of Sendai station from the 6th floor.

And this guy was handing out balloons...

Today after my wedding, I popped into a Bookoff in Furukawa and scored a few cool items. These four items cost me a total of a buck. I expected them to be a 100 yen each yet they were only 100 yen in total!

A Gamera keychain and coin from the 2006 movie, Gamera the Brave.

Hey it's now the 50th anniversary of Gamera? Why is there no big hubbub about this iconic milestone?

It makes me want to roar!

Okay these were worth the 25 yen I paid for them. A Catwoman keychain. Meow!

 And an AvP Requiem chain.

I also landed a Hulk patch. I'm going to try and attach this to my Smart Phone case somehow.

The coup d'état would have to be these 10 SW stamps. I need never buy stickers again!

I stumble across Darren Calvert's Deviant Art page and he has created some Canadian Pokemon. I was granted his permission to use these in a future lesson to teach my kids about Canada! How aboot that!

Can my non-Canadian friends figure out the origin of each of these?


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Michael Jones said...

I'm a part-time preacher and spend my nuptial earnings on Godzilla loot.

Sean Kelly said...

Ah very good.


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