Gojira Omurice.

Those funky farmers in Aomori are at again with their superb rendering of popular characters as rice paddy art. This year they did an awesome job showcasing Shin-Godzilla in time for his new movie.

Previous years of this amazing Rice Paddy Artwork include Star Wars and Marilyn.

A popular dish over here is Omurice. An omelet that covers a plate of rice.  Here is an example of a yummy Rirakuma you can chow down.

An extremely popular character over here is a lazy egg created by Sanrio named Gudetama. His laziness is contagious; here he has influenced several kaiju with his lethargy.

In the article linked above, it mentions that these will be available as merchandise in June. I haven't seen them anywhere. It looks like a trip to the Sanrio shop is in order!

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