Jazz Mutts.

After about 18 hours of Jazz over the last two days, I'm a tad too tired to sift through my 137 photos and videos. Instead, I'll just show pics of some of the dogs I saw over the weekend.

There was another wolfhound but it wasn't Irish so I didn't snap a pic. These were the only large dogs I saw.

This gal was photographing her dog in various poses.


These two dogs are the most infamous canines in town. Their owner proudly displays them for photo ops at every festival. Sure, they are cute cosplayers but what the poor pooches don't realize is that all the other dogs are laughing at them behind their backs!
Note the female of the pair has been at this so long that she's developed a Derp-tongue.

Dog or Teddy Bear? You be the judge.

I just caught the tail end of this poodle in its cart. This miniature below though was very friendly.


 More poodles!
 What breed is this?

This guy was very genki!

That's a version of Basin Street Blues performed by a Junior High Brass Band called, "Swing Dolphins" in the background. As you watch the people walking by, you'll see a couple of puppies playing as well.

The above dogs are sponsored by Snoopy doughnuts!

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