To celebrate the dvd/bluray/netflix release of Captain America Civil War, Marvel has collaborated with T-card and released its own card. Now when I buy gas at Eneos, rent a movie at Tsutaya, or buy something at Family Mart, I can gain points and have my very own cool looking card.

Oh cool, there is some kind of tie-in with Doctor Strange which unfortunately we have to wait until late January to see.

In a further quest to suck all the money from my wallet, there is also a "Kuji" (Lucky draw). Drop 700 yen (plus tax natch) and you can win glorious prizes. I haunted 6 stores yesterday until I found a place that sold them. I bought three and landed a mug, stickers and a tote bag. I went back to the same place today and it was almost sold out! Therefore, I did the only logical thing and bought the remaining kuji.

Thanks to this, I won the "A" prize, the "C" prize and several "E and H" prizes. But because I cleared out the lot, I also landed the special "Last One" prize.

Cap vs. Iron Man! By the way, if you're keeping track, Cap is beating Iron Man in the polls by 55%-45%!

UPDATE: I forgot to add this picture of the "D" prize, a very nice tote bag with the Marvel logo on it that I won on the first day of the contest.

3/4 pouches. (One double)

1/2 Big Towels.

This really is big, it's about two metres long!

4/6 sheets of Stickers. (3 doubles)

The ones I'm missing.

 4/6 Mugs (2 doubles).

The ones I'm missing.

UPDATE: I am running low on funds, so I couldn't buy more than two more kuji. I got another rerun of stickers and 1/5 posters. I'd say that this is the best one.

A pretty good haul, I must say! I'd still like a pillow though!

The only negative thing about the purchase is that the store manager refused to give me the display poster even though I had just dropped a ton of cash. He no longer has a display since I cleared it out so why does he need the poster? All of the staff were on my side but shrugged their shoulders in assent to the manager. What a dink, probably scamming it for himself!

I now have my Christmas shopping finished. Anyone want a mug?

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