That's the Spirit!

My latest obsession (I know, it's hard to keep track) is collecting the Battle Spirits, Godzilla edition which I just discovered was released last year. The edition I'm collecting now is a recent release to coincide with the new movie. Except at one 7-11, I haven't seen these for sale anywhere. I noticed some Booster packs were for sale but they were sold out. Today, I happened upon some more Boosters and bought a bunch.

Here's a promotional video for last year's set (which I now have to track down, goldurnit!)

I'm happy to announce that I am now only 4 cards short of a complete set. The ones I'm missing are two "Master Rare" cards and two "Xtreme Rare" cards. I'll try and track them down from the second-hand market. Furthermore, I have several extra rare cards and a few full base sets at my disposal.

Here is card #1.

Nice artwork, and like most of these battle games, there are Spirit, Magic or Nexus rankings. I have NO idea what it all means, but I do like the look of the cards. What follows are the Rare cards that I've received to date. I will delay posting the photo from Shin-Godzilla for those of you who choose to remain unspoiled. I will post it at the bottom of this page. (Be sure to click on any of the pics to Kaiju-size it!

These next three are 3/5 of the Xtreme Rare cards.

Spoiler Alert!! Stop scrolling if you don't want to see any photos from Shin-Godzilla!

Last chance to look away...

Here it is!

This is a larval stage of Shin that I have dubbed Derpzilla. Aren't you sorry you scrolled down now?

This is a table of all the cards, photo taken at the exhibition in Yokohama last week.

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