Happy St. Mikes!

As you may all be aware, my birthday is shared by JC on December 25th, thus I get short-shrifted when it comes to presents and presence (No gifts/ no one is available to celebrate.) at my birthday do. So when I was a wee lad from about age 5-10, I celebrated my birthday on September 29th which just happens to be St. Michael's Day. Alas, as I aged and joined high school, my double birthday got shafted and thus so did my annual celebration. (Let's see, I remember having a party on my 25th and 50th birthdays so the next one is due when I'm 75!)

That hasn't stopped me from celebrating all on my little lonesome. En route home, I popped into a GEO to see if there were any new Marvel kuji for me to win. Not much luck at the first one, I got a mug.

The next one I went to, which was fully stocked last week, was completely sold out. So I drove to the one near my home and, taa daa, I won a B prize...a pillow!

Completing today's Iron Man theme, I also received a pouch and a sheet of stickers.

I wasn't aware that the 29th is a holiday in Japan, but it is Meat Day! (2 9 = ni ku which translates as meat.)

So I consumed a bit of steak and hamburger for dindin. I also had a salad to ease the consumption process.

Over at the nearby Mister Donut, their Halloween special is on featuring Snoopy.

Not bad, I ate it in the car so I had no chance to put a birthday candle in it.

Finally, I thought I'd share a picture of the sunset around 5:30 today. two minutes later, this was no longer apocalyptic and was all grey.

Be sure to click on the pic to enlarge it and for previous posts on my birthday, check out the St. Mikes label.

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