Today is the beginning of the 26th Annual Jozenji Streetjazz Festival and it will be about the 16th one that I've attended. To celebrate, I've decided to wear one of my two new Godzilla t-shirts (a coin flip will decide which one.)

I have never been able to find a pair of Godzilla socks, so I'll have to make do with either T-rex

 Or gorillas.

Hmm. Which one? I know...one of each!

I wore these yesterday only so I could make the following pun. I hope the guys at cards tonight don't accuse me of being a cheetah!
I purchased these three pair last week for only 500 yen. It is very rare to find cool cheap socks in an adult size.

I'll need a towel in case I perspire profusely and because one never knows when one will need a towel.
This one is more metre-long hanky than towel.

So I guess this one wins for today's trip.

As I've done in the past, if you meet me today and say the secret word (PUMPKIN), I'll give you a Pumpkin-flavoured KitKat!

To make it easier to find me, I'll be checking out Bird at Nishi-koen at 5:30.

See you later, hopefully I'll get tons of compliments on my Garbzilla.

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