More or Lascaux.

When on the subway the other day, I noticed a poster about the Lascaux exhibition at the Tohoku History Museum. Last time I went there was over 8 years ago and I checked out their koma-toys.

This lovely cro-magnon family are the artists of the cave paintings discovered in the Lascaux Cave near Montignac, France.

 This is a sampling of some of the animals represented in the over 600 paintings.

These are the 3D printed copies of some of the paintings It isn't easy to transport an actual painting. Thanks to meddlesome tourists, the Caves are no longer available for viewing by the public. This is the next best thing.

When they turn out the lights in the room, an outline of the pictures is illuminated. (Be sure to click on any pic to mammothize it.)

These are a couple of pics of posters outside the display. They show some of the excavating done at the site (now a World Heritage Site).

Cool, mammoth and bison bones!

And more bones...

There is also some tools used by the cro-mags, showing off their artistic flair.

Cro-magnon, Neanderthal and their ancestor (whose title is obscured by lens flare).

There were some school kids giggling at the word homo and then they giggle even more when they saw this guy. Their giggling made me giggle.

I've gone through the regular museum displays before and if you click at the link up top, you can see some of those pictures. Here are a few more.

These masks and models and straw statues are incredibly neat!

I bought a few souvenirs and really wanted this, but couldn't justify the price.

I did pick up a B-5 clear file and a postcard.

This adorable mammoth was surprisingly inexpensive, so I splurged and bought it.

I find Gatcha to be irresistible and these pins were no exception. Of course, I got the lamest one.

One of my buds is a huge masking tape collector. Though this is so cool, I may keep it for myself.

By a happy coincidence, this cartoon showed up in my feed today. Happy April Fools*!

* In the face of so much fake news, I have opted out of any pranks this year...

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