A carton of Juicy.

Well, it was a pretty raucous evening. It was good partying with Mark again and I eventually returned home at 5:00, nice to cab home in the early morning sunshine. DJ Mokugohan started the ball rolling with a mellow funk that included my new all-time favourite mix, some weird "Superfriends" extravaganza (it now replaces his "Rocky Horror Science Fiction" tune as my favourite.) J-Loop's set was nice and sweet (and for once, I sat through the entire thing.) Then Mark Saito went nuts with his wacky mishmash of genres via his new Mac Remixing thingamagig (don't you love it when I get all technical?) The showcase act was this John Wayyne vs Beat Respect duo that I completely loathed. It was the most derivative techno/house/trance set I've ever heard. It was all down on cds that they had self-produced (how hard is that to spin?) and according to the ladies in the place, they were a pair of horny octopi. Needless to say I was unimpressed. DJs Mixture & Taka played back and forth until 4 (I really enjoyed their stuff but was getting kinda pooped.) Then the "Duke" got back up and it was time for me to take my leave. (A couple of A-holes in my humble opinion.)

All in all a ripping night. We had over a 100 people show, 2/3 of them were ladies (good call on the discount ticket, Dave!) Here's a few shots of the mania...

Mark Saito in action.
The crowd, with a few bald heads in the herd.
Like my new shirt?
Hitomi and her friend (whose name eludes me)
Sakhr from Yemen ("Yeah, Man"...a joke I make everytime I see him and it hasn't been funny yet!)
Dave & his bevy of babes.
I think he just beamed in for this tune.
Dave is becoming even more popular than me at these events!
Spinning me softly with his song.
How did Mark's bereted head get in this pic at that angle?
Dave's not the only one getting some action.
This is a former student from my Tokiwagi days, Sayuri.
Jason looks SO cool. Smoking!
It's Techno-girl, Eriko (who has an annoying habit of referring to me as "papa".
Shaft owner, Dom, poking his head in.
Taka attack!
The shaded guys are those shady Tokyo guys that I took a disliking to.
A trio of guys enjoying themselves (see...I don't only take pics of females!)
The Big Apple (boy, bet he's never heard that one before.)
Nori on the left...thanks SOOOO much for helping me set up my new computer, so I could make this post today!

See you all next month!

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh!
last pics it's me!!! lol!!!

He seems to be sleepy...

but I had really fun!


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