Weird Crap I'm watching in the wee hours on Japanese TV:

Occasionally my insomniacal ways force me to surf around the tube. I often get some real treats, such as the following...

I really can't find much info about this one in English. Suffice to say the good guys look like bees and have a phallic antenna upon their heads. The bad guys look like Captain Kangaroo. And we all thought the Teletubbies were strange.

チビラクンの卷 (chibira-kun no kan, 1968) Look it up yourself, maybe you'll have better luck, or check out this site: chibira.

Another Ultraman/ Kamen Rider clone from the mid 70's was:

バトルホーク (Battle Hawk from 1976)

Again, I couldn't find too much out. But there seems to be lots of stuff for sale via Ebay.

Good old Osamu Tezuka of Astroboy fame has come up with a winner in Princess Knight. Before I read the Wiki entry, I had no idea that the little guy was an angel, Choppy, in Mini-me mode. When nothing else is on, it runs nightly on the Cartoon Network's Boomerang segment.

More wacky shows as my sleeplessness continues...

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