Kudos to Donald Fauntleroy Duck.

Hey, today is Donald Duck's birthday. He made his debut in "The Wise Little Hen" way back in 1934. He was only a minor character but made a big splash. One of my favourite Disney creations, DD has always quacked me up.

I have all kinds of Mickey Mouse crap, but very little merchandise of DD collected over the years. This little stuffed ball is about all I have.

Here's one of my favourite Duck cartoons, and one you won't see on TV anytime soon...

Speaking of Ducks, kudos also are due to the former Mighty Ducks as they win their first ever Stanley Cup. 'Twas a fine battle by the Senators, but Anaheim proved too strong in their defense and yet were only a single goal ahead after 4 games! I suppose they decided not to prolong the agony and conquered Ottawa 6-2 in the 5th and final match. It wasn't the most dramatic finale, but it did the trick and once again a Canadian team is unable to win Lord Stanley's Cup. As much as I'd like to have seen Ottawa take it, comfort is gained by the Ducks roster, which is made up of more Canucks than any other NHL team.

Good news is that I won the pool with 92 points acquired thanks to choice of several Dans and a Teemu. As a final comment, thanks to the shoddy unsportsmanlike conduct of Pronger's two elbowing game misconducts and Alfredsson's slapshot to the back of Scott Niedermayer, I don't foresee them dating Lady Byng anytime in the near future.

Wait until next year, you better BE LEAF!

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