A Ghost of a Chance.

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I get a PG! Online Dating


What is shocking about my rating, is that I get my PG based on 4 "craps" and a "pooped". It makes it sound like I'm writing about foecophilia or some other scatalogical musing. I try not to use the "F-word" or other such naughty expletives but I'm pretty sure "crap" refers to the toys in my apartment and "pooped" refers to a state of tiredness. I guess they ignored that whole entry on the Willie-Festival and they didn't notice all those pics of the Penis-Parade. That alone should grant me an R-rating, or at least a NC-17, shouldn't it?

BTW, I learned of the rating system while reading Cocktail Party Physics, a blog all about Physics (oooh, how high-brow). This particular entry was about Ghosts and apparitions etc, and Japan loves its 妖怪 (yokai=goblins).

This image is from: YOSHITOSHI TSUKIOKA: The Ghost of Okiku at the Dish Mansion: New Forms of Thirty-Six Ghosts, 1889-1892. Does it RING a bell?

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