Juicy Fruits...

Of our labours. Tonight is another Echophonyk gig at Shaft and it promises to be a good one. Mark Saito is here from Tokyo to enlighten us with Computer-induced auditory enjoyment. There's some other guy from Tokyo named DJ John Wayyne (can't the guy spell?) who is apparently famous, though I've never heard of him. (But I've never heard of any DJ who is outside of my circle of friends!) DJs Mixture (organizer extraordinaire), Mokugohan (battling the flu to come down), J-Loop (Boop boop a doop), Taka (just to prove we're not all gaijin) will also be on hand to WOW us with tunes. I can't wait...

So come on down, it should be a blast!

(Tomorrow, I'll be good and sleepy, but I'm finally getting a new computer so I'll be able to blog to my heart's content. WooHoo...million times faster blogging!)

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