Juicier and Juicier.

Ah, the repercussions of the last Saturday's event continue to trickle in. We managed to rake in a sweet 1250 yen profit from the extravaganza! First time out of the red in ages. (It would have been sweeter, had it not have been necessary to add to the coffers of the Tokyo duo.)

DJ Mark Saito has a terrific blog write up here, has a podcast here and has posted his very own YouTube tribute:

Other write-ups include one from Mr. Organizer (DJ Mixture) and our new Echophonyk Webpage designer, Nori.

According to these guys, they actually enjoyed DJs Wayyne and Whatever. Am I getting too old for this doodoo? (Or do I just hate techno?)

The next formal event will be on August 24th. Details to follow...


NORI said...

That's wonderful!
Thank you for introducing me :)

Michael Jones said...

Thank YOU for being the only one who comments!!


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