Love My Little Calendar Girl.

Back here, I vowed to put up a McDonald's Calendar Pikachu-pic, so voila.

I'd bought this KFC Snoopy mini-calendar ages ago and only just found it. No great surprise then that February would have the beagle surrounded by hearts.

Today at the conbini, I noticed that they had some calendars on sale. I got this for 100¥, marked down from 400¥. Not a great bargain, but I liked the classic picture that came with it.

It's one of those "page-a-day" types with incredibly cheap paper and the First of Feb. looks like this. Seems like the moon is beginning to wane.

The other calendar that I found is a much better bargoon. Regular 1680¥, marked down to 300¥!

I've never followed ナルト (Naruto)so I don't know much about it, but this poster-sized calendar rocks!

A quickie aside on the title of this post. One version of this song was sung by Neil Sedaka in a really crappy movie called,
New Jersey Turnpikes. It was pretty bad, but I worked on it daily for about 2 weeks as a spectator of a lame basketball team. It starred Kelsey Grammer, with whom I didn't get to speak but seemed very personable. Another star was Mike Starr (Frasier Crane's bully), who plays the heavy in everything that can't afford to hire Michael Madsen. He was very friendly and cordially chatted with several of the extras. I asked him what it was like to kick the snot out of David Caruso (Mad Dog and Glory) and he replied, "Actually, David is a good friend of mine." He was a cool guy. I saw Orlando Jones of Mad TV fame frequently, never chatted with him though. He had no excuse to enter the stands. Seemed a little standoffish. I was too awestruck of Robert Conrad (Wild, Wild West & Baa Baa Black Sheep, etc.) to approach him. He looked sooo cool! Neil Sedaka showed up twice and played Calendar Girl about a dozen times for two days. He was the consumate professional and was always on. Between takes, he joked often around and has the highest voice of any man I've ever heard.

Unfortunately this movie was never released theatrically. It's rumoured to have been released on video, but I'd never come across it. It was a lot of fun to work on and I had a scene where I got to stumble drunkenly. The director liked me and probably kept my scene in...if it ever saw the light of day. Anybody out there who has seen it, let me know!

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